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Save with coupon: WJDVIP8  |  Free shipping on all US orders

Want to Razzle-Dazzle with a Miami Cuban Link Chain, You should Know about it!

The Miami Cuban Link Chains otherwise simply known as, the Cuban link chains are a beau ideal of a jewelry of a different class. Because these necklaces are popularly seen to be worn by renown Hip-Hop artists like DJ Khaled and Jay-Z amongst others, plenty of people are of the view that the Miami Cuban necklace is only an element of Hip-hop fashion. Reality however, proved otherwise as several others including; athletes, rock stars, actors and other celebs own their individual collections of these necklaces.

Featuring a masculine look with a weighty nature, Miami Cuban link chains come in the form of gold necklaces as well as bracelets for men. With corresponding attributes to other models of men chains, Miami Cuban link chains constitute an interlinking pattern that is strong, thick with flattened faces which makes them bedazzling.

Have you been seeing ‘K’ attached to a number which always leaves you flummoxed by what it means? Well, ‘K’ denotes Karatage, which is the term used for the percentage of gold. Consequently, Miami Cuban link chains are usually available in 10 and 14 karatages. The most popular color configurations of Miami Cuban link chains are thus; yellow gold, white gold and rose gold (otherwise also known as red gold or pink gold). Cuban link chains are also available in varied lengths such as; 16″, 36″, 38″, and even 40″ as well.

Furthermore, a pendal can be used with the chain nevertheless, this largely depends on the user’s taste. Whether the chain is handmade or not, you should know that the history shows that Cuban link chains were, and still are, classic gifts to be gifted to that special one which will leave them with a priceless smile.

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