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It’s All About Diamond Fashion

The 90th Annual Academy Awards is at the corner. Something big is about to happen in Angels City. What’s that? If you’re asking this question, here’s the answer “it’s diamond-fashion day” let me put it that way so that you’ll get the gist. The whole world will gather in jewelry houses in Angels to watch the most precious styling show, where talented stylists style people in crazy gems.

After an interview with the red carpet mistress Kristen Trustey from De Beers Group, we do have a tip on how magnificent this event will be. The Beers group hosted a chic view of half a thousand diamond piece at a private residence made ready for the event.

It’s not strange to see people dressed in diamond accessories for the event. In fact, it is part of the dress code. This year, the dress code is full black plus the classic diamond accessories; necklaces’ earrings. Imagine how that would be like. It would be one of the most precious and memorable red-carpet event in history.

One beautiful lady, Allison Williams did a display of the events dress code. She was on a Forevermark diamond necklace matched with a nice gown. Also, there are these trending dangling earrings that have been on the spotlight recently, it’s kind of edgy, long similar to the ones Kate Hudson rocked to the SAG awards.

There are nice combinations that have been prepared for Oscars’ night already. But we are still yet to know how they’ll be combined until the celebs hit the red carpet. That way, it makes it more interesting to watch.

Is there any design jewel, item, or style to be watched out for?

The work on ground is a very serious one. Presently, we are dazed with the jewel items that are available. Heavy forever black spherical earrings containing approximately 33 carats of pure diamond. Heavy diamond hand rings, forever black five row bracelets containing almost 62 carats of pure diamonds (Zameer Kassam’s brand) as well produced exclusively for the Oscar event.

Any historical moments worth remembering?

Let’s travel back to 2016’s edition of the Golden Globes. Same mistress Hudson was sighted in $1.3 million worth earrings combined with a blood red lovely gown. She featured on Instagram in this extra classic outfit and caused quite a scene.

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