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How WJD Exclusives Redefined Fine Jewelry Online Retail

An inside look at the WJD Exclusives specifics of how we decide what to do and then decide how to do it.

In 2002, our two co-founders decided to make their dream (of providing the highest quality jewelry to loyal customers at the best possible prices) a reality. Since then, WJD Exclusives has been attaining new heights in the jewelry business, by caring about both our products and customers.

We are devoted to delivering high quality products and services based on three principles:

  1. We offer the best-quality jewelry…
  2. At the lowest possible price…
  3. With fanatical attention to customer service.
    (though not necessarily in that order)

Jewelry is our passion

At WJD Exclusives, only the highest quality jewelry makes it into our store, without inflated prices. Our jewelry is built to last and designed to shine for decades. And to ensure high quality, we have provided a free lifetime warranty with each piece.

Service is our specialty

At WJD Exclusives we believe in constant organic growth that will benefit customers and secure sustainable expansion. To make things easier for our customers, we offer free both-way shipping with 30-day returns and 24/7 customer support via phone, live-chat, and email. Our efficiency and dedication to service is second to none in our line of work.

Customers are our priority

Here at WJD Exclusives, we believe that customers are family. We treat everyone who walks through our (physical or virtual) doors with the utmost respect and care. Whether you need advice to select the perfect present for a loved one, or you want to invest in a gift for yourself, our knowledgeable, friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and make you feel at home. In fact, one of our own co-founders, Vahan Avagyan, personally oversees customer relationships to ensure consistent and excellent service. When you come to WJD Exclusives, we guarantee you will have an outstanding customer service experience.

Head and shoulders above the competition

In 15+ years we’ve learned that majority of jewelry retailers waste large amounts of money on deceptive advertising and expensive storefront rent expenses. Then they pass along those expenses to their customers and marking up product prices to 3x sometimes 4x their actual value. However, we focus on efficiency and savings in our business dealings, then we pass those savings on to our customers. Some of the jewelry retailers also rely on outside investors for funding, causing them to compromise on jewelry quality, value, and customer service. We, on the other hand, create the best possible value for our customers.

Experience unlike any other

Every day we’re improving every aspect of the jewelry experience. We believe in making processes as efficient and easy as possible for our team and for our customers. With an in-house AI and ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) team we are always analyzing our operational systems to find ways to improve our business.

WJD Exclusives offers not only finely crafted jewelry but also many other services, from in-house payment plans and free jewelry gift boxes to diamond upgrades and much more. If you are looking for a jewelry experience unlike any other, where you will be treated with respect and kindness by a helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient team that is dedicated to getting you the highest quality product at the lowest possible prices, look no further than WJD Exclusives. With our attention to detail, commitment to improvement, and knowledge of the industry, we are able to stand behind our promise to deliver not only the best products, but also the best experience to our customers, every time. It is our joy to serve you.

Instant Jewelry Search™

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