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Why You Should Give a Gold Jewelry as Children’s Gift

Not sure what to give a friend who is a parent or a friend’s child for their birthday? Not sure what to give your own child for his or her birthday? What about gold jewelry? There are a plethora of options: golden earrings, pendants, bracelets, chains, and necklaces.

But why is gold jewelry such a good choice for a children’s gift? Aren’t they too young to appreciate their value? Perhaps, but keep reading:

Gold can appreciate in value

Other children’s gifts, from clothing to toys, always depreciate in value as they grow old and used, but gold does not.

If the child you are buying the jewelry for is young, they may simply enjoy playing with the ornament for a few years, or wearing it under supervision, so that they don’t lose or damage the item. But in time, when children grow, they will also grow in understanding of the value of the gold jewelry item.

Moreover, gold resists inflation and can even appreciate in value so that when the child recipient of the jewelry grows up, that item of jewelry might literally be more valuable than it was when its owner was a child.

Gold jewelry can be personalized

Consider pairing the gold jewelry item with the child’s birthstone or initial for a more meaningful gift. A ruby or amethyst or the letter of the child’s first or last name can infuse the gift with more meaning than a generic dime-a-dozen rattle or doll. Consider a gold necklace that features the child’s name or initial, or a gold bracelet inlaid with gems of the child’s favorite colors or

The value of gold is lasting

The dollar has fluctuated in value over the years, and at any point a crisis could upset the economy significantly. Compared to the dollar, gold has held its value more surely and consistently for years.

That is likely why, for most of the last century, the United states has used the gold standard, basing its currency on literal, physical gold. And though the U.S. no longer uses gold to back currency, it is still an important precious metal in the global economy.

Moreover, unlike toys, the typical children’s gift, which can be easily dirtied and broken, and must be thrown away within a few years when the child outgrows it, gold jewelry can’t be outgrown, and can be preserved for multiple lifetimes.

The child who receives gold jewelry as a gift can grow up to pass the jewelry on to his or her children and so on and so forth, until the item of jewelry becomes a family heirloom.

All told, gold jewelry makes an excellent gift for children, or for parents of children. Gold is beautiful, long lasting, and can help express your regard and love for the children for years to come.

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