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This year, WJD Exclusives showing its #PRIDE in the streets for the Biggest LGBTQ+Community Celebration!

WJD Exclusives team has managed to take part in a huge event aimed at the need to defend the rights of LGBTQ communities by demonstrating approval of the desires of all people on the planet who can have different dreams and way perceive the life. During this event WJD Exclusives team has handed out rainbow-colored pins to participants of the celebration.


This event has been filled with positive emotions and the desire to find the common ground with all society members. In most modern countries, homosexuality and homosexual activity is not considered a crime. However, some countries do not accept such expressions of freedom by trying to oppress people due to their democratic and liberal views on life. Even in Europe many people are stigmatized due to their real and attributable sexual orientation and gender identity. Consequently, they cannot fully enjoy universal human rights. People are distinguished from each other by congenital individual traits and developmental differences associated with the course of their lives. Human behavior depends on the family in which he/she has grown up, in which school he/she has studied. Two people with natures and originally similar features may subsequently have very little in common with each other. The same situation can happen with sexual preferences. This point represents a personal matter of each individual. The behavior associated with the professional habit and social status can become the only reason to form individuals’ preferences. People differ from each other no matter how such a difference arises.

In this case, WJD Exclusives team has joined an event that will be free from prejudice and stereotypes. Thereby, people will get an opportunity to obtain support and understanding that is necessary to survive the process of general oppression and humiliation. Nothing can be more important than an opportunity to find the same ground with society members who express different way to perceive life. WJD Exclusives team has joined a large-scale event by emphasizing the point that all people are free to choose life priorities and landmarks that will become a foundation to make the best decisions.

Homophobic and Trans phobic attitudes have been identified in more than 47 countries. They differ both between countries and within a particular state. Council of Europe recognizes persecution due to sexual orientation as a basis for applying for asylum, while only six member states recognize gender identity as a similar basis. In this case, WJD Exclusives team has managed to have a positive impact on people’s perception during the celebrating World Pride Month in June with the globe. This event will become an integral part of the history as one of the days that have changed it for the better. People in all countries deserve to get normal attitude and respect on the part of the public regardless of their preferences and desires.

WJD Exclusives blog represents a source of useful information and motivation to change this world. The celebration called World Pride Month is one more confirmation of this point. The team has managed to draw maximum attention to this problem by trying to change people’s way of thinking during this event. Bright and public events of this nature is the primary way to gather like-minded people and solve issues dedicated to the lack of tolerance and respect among society members who have different life reference points.

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