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Save with coupon: WJDVIP8  |  Free shipping on all US orders

Order Failed, Card Charged (Authorization hold)

Why has my order failed?

Sometimes an order will fail due to billing inconsistencies. When this happens, no payment is taken as the order has not been successfully fulfilled.

If your order failed but you’re still seeing a charge on your credit or debit card, it is most likely an authorization hold. It is possible an authorization may temporarily appear on your account used for payment. Any pending authorizations will automatically return to your account within 5 working days; should you require any further assistance with the transactions, we recommend you contact your bank directly.

Understanding Authorization Holds

When you place a credit card order, an authorization hold is automatically placed on your bank account in order to “save” the amount in case the payment is approved. This is done by your card issuer or bank and ensures that the money is still available when the transaction is completed. If the order is approved, it will disappear immediately, and often you won’t even notice it.

Unfortunately, when an order is declined or failed, the authorization hold will occasionally remain for a short period—usually 1-5 days, but it can vary from bank to bank. During that time the funds held won’t be available, and it may appear that the card was charged even though the transaction was declined. WJD Exclusives will never charge your card for a declined transaction.

Should you still wish to complete your purchase, please check that all the payment information you are entering is accurate and that your billing details match your payment card.

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