My skin got infected with 14k gold. Is this fake or real gold?

Sometimes, rarely but happened, we’ve got a ‘is this fake or real gold?’ question due to a skin allergic reaction and so we’re writing this ‘My skin got infected with 14k gold. Is this fake or real gold?’ guide to possibly clear this mystery for more than one or two buyers.

All 10k and 14k gold pieces still may bring allergic reaction. Allergies to metal are very common. This is definitely not a ‘doctor opinion’ but to our own research and experience skin under the item can sometimes become irritated just from friction and moisture; however, contact dermatitis, which is the allergic reaction, is also very common and it is hard to differentiate the two without having it checked out by your doctor. Most people are not allergic to gold but, rather, to nickel which is a common metal that is added to many gold items. Nickel allergy is the most common type of metal allergy in the world. You could also try some over the counter hydrocortisone cream on the area while you are waiting to see your doctor. Also, metal allergies can develop at any point during life. Therefore, even though you have been wearing jewelry without problems for a long time, it is entirely possible that you have now developed an allergy.

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