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Gold Chains for Men

American men in the 21st century have developed a strong taste for style and fashion. More men than ever are concerned with their appearance and staying abreast of the latest trends, and this attention to fashion extends to accenting their style with jewelry.

Simple, unornamented metal chains are a classic fashion accent for men, and the variety of link styles and lengths means that there is a chain perfect for any look. Gold chains for men, in particular, have become a favorite fashion accessory.

Rap and rock stars seem to gravitate towards the most massive and flashiest gold chains and adornments imaginable, but the most popular gold chains for men are much simpler. The classic men’s chain has nearly flat links spaced so close together that the necklace looks like a solid gold band and is usually 20 inches in length, causing it to fall just below the collarbone. Chains of this style have been a men’s fashion staple for nearly 100 years.

If you are new to fashion accessories and wearing jewelry, a classic gold chain will keep it simple and is a perfect starting point. Gold chains for men are available in several standard lengths with an 18-inch chain sitting near the base of the neck, and a 20-inch necklace falling at the collarbone. 22-inch length chains typically fall just below the collarbone, while the 24-inch chain lands just above the sternum. Look for the jewelry that speaks to your personality and fits your style and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths.

When choosing a chain consider not only personal style but body size as well. Longer lengths can look great on a tall man while short chains often look better on shorter men. A bigger guy may look great with a thicker style of chain while the same piece of jewelry may seem overwhelming on a smaller man. Conversely, a thin gold chain may look great on a man with a small frame but dwarfed by a beefier man.

Budget is often a consideration when buying jewelry, and the best gold chains for men, offering exceptional durability, are pure gold of 14k and 18k.

For budget-conscious consumers, 10k gold chains provide a fashionable option at a reasonable cost. A quality jewelry retailer will have options to fit most budgets and styles.

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