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A Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry Sets

A Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry Sets

Fine jewelry sets usually consist of earrings, necklaces, and possibly bracelets. These sets are commonly purchased for bridal parties, birthday presents, or resale. The sets are made of various precious metals and also precious gemstones. Finding attractive fine jewelry sets for gifts or resale require knowing the quality of precious metals, the quality of precious gemstones, and the affordability of the set. With this knowledge and thorough research, a quality fine jewelry set can be purchased.

About Fine Jewelry Sets

Fine jewelry sets are important to complement formal or casual attire. A proper fine jewelry set can be purchased to last for many years to come. Precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver typically provide the settings for precious gemstones. Diamonds, sapphires, amethyst, onyx, rubies, emeralds, and turquoise are common gemstones used in fine jewelry sets. When these precious gemstones are worn with the latest fashions, attire improves significantly. Fine jewelry sets are preferred by many people who want their earrings, necklace, and bracelet to match. In a bridal party, complementary jewelry is preferred. Jewelry sets are often more affordable than purchasing each item separately. Discounts may be provided for purchasing these items in bulk. Many brides give jewelry sets to their bridesmaids to wear during the ceremony. The most common fine jewelry set consists of a diamond pendant hanging from a platinum, silver, or gold chain and diamond earrings. The most common shape of diamond pendant is round or pear-shaped. If the pendant is round, the earrings are likely to be round also. If the pendant is pear-shaped, the earrings typically have a pear-shaped drop hanging from a round diamond or other precious gemstone. When fine jewelry sets are sold, inspectors can ensure that the quality of stones and metals are consistent throughout the set. Good sellers can verify the quality and make concessions if quality control measures fail prior to shipping. Consider the following steps when choosing fine gemstones and precious metals.

How to Choose Precious Gemstones and Metals

To select a quality fine jewelry set, learn how gem stones and metals are rated. The highest quality gemstones and metals will make a simple outfit sparkle and draw attention to the wearer’s desirable features. Though timeless fine jewelry sets are desirable, be cognizant of the recipient’s body style and the latest trends when selecting precious gemstones and metals. This process reduces the chance of buyer’s remorse. The following tables explain how to rate some of the most common gemstones and precious metals.

How to Choose Diamonds

Before purchasing diamond pendants or earrings, consider cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. The four Cs will help you choose a diamond that will impress the recipient. A diamond’s brilliance is also important. Most people focus on the carat weight when purchasing a diamond, but the cut, clarity, and color are equally as important.


Carat describes the size of diamonds. Most people want diamonds in fine jewelry sets to be at least one-half carat or more, but jewelry sets may be purchased with a smaller carat weight.


Clarity describes the number of inclusions a diamond has internally within the stone. Quality diamonds have few inclusions. Inclusions make the diamond appear cloudy, and it loses its ability to sparkle. The most desirable diamonds are flawless (F) or internally flawless (IF). Realistically, most people can obtain a diamond that is Very Very Slightly Included (VVS 1 to 2) to Very Slightly Included (VS 1 to 2).


The diamond’s most desirable color ratings are D through F. The letter D indicates a diamond that is closest to being colorless. Any color that may be present will only be visible to a trained eye. Though D through F are the most desirable, smaller H through L diamonds are colorless, and larger H through L diamonds are tinted. The most undesirable diamond is Z colored, and it has a yellow tint.


The cut of the diamond is one of the most important components of diamonds. The cut refers to the polish, uniformity, depth, width, and roundness. The cut also refers to the shape of the diamond. The most popular shape is the round brilliant. Other popular cuts include square, pear, oval, emerald, and marquis.


Brilliance measures light reflected back to the viewer and require studying the polished planes to maximize this effect. The quality of the diamond can be determined by the reflection or brilliance. A well-cut diamond will exude maximum fire and brilliance designed to impress recipients.

How to Choose Pearls

Pearls are commonly chosen for bridal fine jewelry sets. Before pearls are purchased, the quality should be thoroughly investigated. Not all pearls will be of Swarovski or Mikimoto quality, and this is why the following steps should be taken before pearls are purchased.

  1. Verify the Shape
    Pearls should be perfectly round for fine jewelry. This can be verified with tools and inspection.
  2. Verify That Pearls Have Uniform Color
    Quality pearls have uniform color. The color should be examined when jewelry sets arrive to ensure the seller has sold a quality set to buyers.
  3. Choose Pearls With Medium to High Luster
    Pearls with medium to high luster are more desirable than those with low luster.
  4. Verify the Surface is Free From Rippling
    Looking at pearls under a microscope will reveal any ripples. Pearls with no ripples are of higher quality.


How to Choose Fine Jewelry Sets for Various Occasions

Fine jewelry sets are usually selected for weddings or gifts. Many buyers associate various colors with the seasons. In June, for instance, the month’s birthstone may be chosen for weddings. Fresh water pearls are also popular. Many brides love pearls. Pearls are a good complement for fall wedding colors like pumpkin and rust because of the contrast pearls provide. When choosing fine jewelry sets to complement strapless dresses, dangle earrings are preferred. Pearls are also recommended for spring pastel colors. A daytime wedding is quite sophisticated with pearl accessories. At night and for the winter, consider diamonds and pearls. Diamonds provide a sophisticated type of elegance.



Fine jewelry sets are great for bridal gifts and also for personal use. Though most fine jewelry sets are sold with diamonds and other precious gemstones, fine jewelry sets come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles. Every buyer must choose fine jewelry sets to meet their personal preferences and resale needs, but the quality must remain high. Buyers are urged to research sellers to find quality fine jewelry sets at low prices. The proper choice will equate to years of enjoyment and become the perfect complement to an outfit.

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